I’ve recently joined the Beauty Blog Coalition, and I’m very pleased to post my first weekly blog round up.

Here you can find some great blog posts from Beauty Bloggers around the world.

Meet the Beauty Blog Coalition

I thought it would also be nice to introduce you to a few of my fellow BBC members as psrt of these posts, so here is a little about Bailey from I Know All The Words:

Hi! I’m Bailey. I’m thirty-something, living in Ontario, Canada with my diluted calico Igby.

I am educated in Library and Information Sciences and Adult Education/Literacy fields, but am currently self employed. When I’m not blogging or fully immersed in trying every nail polish ever bottled, I enjoy reading, collecting vinyl records and drawing/painting.

I love the colour grey, mint-chocolate everything, typography, cats and clouds.

You can find Bailey over on her blog talking beauty, skincare and nail polish.