Over on Nail Art Nation, my friend Fabiana set this week’s challenge… ‘Sexy Flags’. Frankly I’ve no idea how you make that sexy, so here are some shiny Flag Nails instead. 

Flag Nails left hand

Flag Nails left hand

Polishes and tools

Base coat and top coat
Revlon Royal
MoYou London Sailor 05
Hit the Bottle White
Clear Jelly Stamper The Big Bling and The Bling Brush 
Winstonia Fine Line brush
Born Pretty Store Star studs (part of the neon star studs wheel I was sent for review)
Crystal Ninja Täntō 

This is what’s technically known as a jelly sandwich manicure. You’ll need patience and lots of top coat.

Flag Nails right hand

Flag Nails right hand

I started off with my base coat and one coat of Royal. I also added a layer of top coat which I like to do before stamping.

I stamped wavy lines to give the flag a bit of movement. Apparently, curvy lines are sexy, so that didn’t hurt either. Where the design was a little too narrow for my thumbs, I extended the lines freehand with my Winstonia brush.

Next, clean up and then more top coat. I didn’t want to risk the next coat of blue smearing the white polish. It adds a bit of time though.

Next coat of Royal. It’s a royal blue jelly (semi-transparent) polish that my friend Mags got me into. It turned the white stripes into lighter and darker blue stripes, hopefully giving the impression of a flag billowing in the breeze.

More clean up, more top coat.

Lastly, I added the studs fixed into a dot of top coat, and sealed in with yet more top coat. I should really buy shares in Seche Vite!

Flag Nails

I chose to emulate an EU flag, rather than my own Union Jack. With everything that is going on at the moment I just wanted to show a bit of solidarity with my European neighbours.