I am a bit of a sucker for Picture Polish shades, and this is one I bought earlier this year.  Picture Polish Merge is a beige creme with scatter holo particles.  That means all the individual pieces make their own rainbow, rather than one big one across the nail.  I started with a swatch, then added some nail art (of course) and then had to go a bit crazy with the hand positions to capture the art!

Picture Polish Merge

Picture Polish Merge

This was an easy two coats plus top coat.  I might think about a third coat, if my nails are long and there’s a risk of visible nail line.

I found that using thin coats showed the holographic particles the best.

It’s a very cool-toned mink-brown polish, which I love. My skintone really doesn’t suit anything with a warm or orange base. I think this, Chanel Frenzy, and Orly Pure Porcelain are the only nude shades I’ve found that really suit me.

Picture Polish Merge stripes

Picture Polish Merge stripes

On to some simple nail art…

Polishes and tools

Base coat
Picture Polish Merge
Top coat
What’s Up Nails Straight vinyls
AEngland Camelot
OPI Haven’t the Foggiest
Nail art brush
Clean up brush

After the base and layer of top coat was fully set (I wait 15-20 minutes to be safe) I applied the straight vinyls.  You have time to re-position them, and I would recommend spending time doing this so you are completely happy with the end result.

Picture Polish Merge stripes bottle

Picture Polish Merge stripes with bottle

I used a nail art brush to apply the black and silver.  The stripes are close together so it was safer.  My clean up brush was to hand as getting some black on my skin at the sides was inevitable.

Both polishes are one-coaters, so I removed the vinyls straight away. Once the stripes were reasonably dry, I could add my final top coat.

Picture Polish Merge

Despite the acrobatics I performed for these photos, they show the polish off well.  I really like that you can see all the colours in the holo particles in the bottle, particularly the picture above.

Are you a fan of nude colours, or do you prefer brights on your nails?