The challenge for this week’s Watermarble Practice Wednesday is Matte Starburst. Let’s just say I still need the practice! I’ve managed to avoid the bubbles this time, but somehow I managed to miss the Watermarble Starburst when I dipped my fingers. 

There are some lovely watermarble petals here, even if I do say so myself!

Watermarble Starburst Matte left hand

Watermarble Starburst Matte left hand

Well at least there’s a nice starburst there on my index finger!

Polishes and tools

Your favourite base coat and top coat
Cirque Xochitl
OPI Color Paints Purple Perspective, Pen & Pink, Turquoise Aesthetic, and Indigo Motif
Rimmel Pro Matte Top Coat
Pure Color Watermarble tool
Disposable cup filled with room temperature water
Paper towel
Rainbow Connection Zap

After the base coat, I started with two coats of Xochitl, a lovely orchid-coloured holographic polish. I had it pretty much opaque in one coat, but used two for depth.

After that, I painted around my cuticles up to the first knuckle with Zap, and waited for it to dry.

I made each bullseye in the cup of water using about 12 drops of polish. I’m still paranoid about using these polishes up, but I’ve barely reached the widest part of the OPI bottles.

Plus, I always feel watermarbling uses up so much polish. But it’s ok, I still have plenty of polish.

I used the tool to draw an 8-pointed star outwards, and then another into the centre. I wipe the tip of the tool on some paper towel in between, and try to barely touch the surface.

Aiming for the middle (apparently) I dipped one finger at a time, and used a cotton bud to sweep the rest of the polish off the surface of the water. Then I pulled my finger out the water, keeping it at about 45° angle throughout.

Watermarble Starburst Matte right hand

Watermarble Starburst Matte right hand

I used tweezers to pull off the latex and I only had to do pretty minimal clean up. I added a layer of normal top coat before mattifying it, because I don’t want streaks!

I managed more starbursts on my left hand, but contrast between colours isn’t so good.

Watermarble Starburst

It’s just as well Wednesdays are for practice! I’m not really sure how I kept missing it, but at least the petals are pretty. But nearly no bubbles!!

What do you need some practice at to improve? I’ve found regular practice has made all the difference to my watermarbles.