The fortnightly challenge is run by Angela and Natasha on Instagram. This time I was recreating Andrea’s plaid design. I know she didn’t like it that much, but the fox is so cute! It was based on a Kate Spade design, and I think it is perfect for Maniswap Circle in Lilac.

This is Andrea’s original design, which she did for the Glam Nails Challenge back in October last year.

Maniswap Circle in Lilac inspiration

Maniswap Circle in Lilac inspiration

See! Isn’t that fox the cutest! Well the one on her nails, I’m not very keen on the one round the model’s neck – yuck.

Anyway, on with my take on it…

Polishes and tools 

Your favourite base coat and top coat
Color Club Diggin the Dancing Queen 
AEngland The Blessed Damozel
Cirque Carpe Diem
Creative Shop plate 10
Clear Jelly Stamper The Big Bling
Winstonia fine liner

First of all I started with a lilac base, using two coats of the Color Club polish. This was really easy. Quite often I find pastel polishes are streaky and difficult to work with, but this was a breeze.

Maniswap Circle in Lilac

Maniswap Circle in Lilac

Next, I stamped with The Blessed Damozel which works perfectly. I had to apply the image at a 45° angle to match the original design, but luckily (!) I’d already filed my nails down short after a few breaks.

I freehanded the white lines using the Winstonia brush and the Cirque polish. Frankly, I still can’t quite believe how well they came out! My best tip is to clean your brush often when doing fine lines. It is surprising how quickly the polish builds up on the brush and makes them thicker.

Next was the little fox: I used The Blessed Damozel to draw a semi circle line for the head, and extended the ears from there. I filled in the shape of the top half of the face and outlined the bottom half. This was then filled in with white. Finally I added all the detailing for the eyes, nose and ears.

The fox was all done with the Winstonia fine liner brush too, because I’m finding it a very versatile tool.

Everything was sealed under a layer of top coat, to keep it protected and to smooth out the fox face.

Maniswap Circle in Lilac - right hand in holo

Maniswap Circle in Lilac – right hand in holo

Maniswap Circle in Lilac

I wasn’t expecting this to go so well, so I hadn’t planned to do both hands at all. As a result of seeing how it looked, I have decided to keep it on for a few days.

To match, I chose Color Club Eternal Beauty for the rest of my nails. This is a great holo and covers easily in two coats.

I hope you like it! The next colour theme is red, but we have a bit longer to complete it this time.

Are you a fan of the plaid and fox, or are you all about the holo? Let me know in the comments down the page.