This design has been a long time in the making. Not just creating it on my nails (it took a few hours) but since I saw the technique in a video. But it’s so pretty it was worth the work and wait. 

Graffiti Nails Ice White

Nina Orange Flame

Orly Glowstick

American Apparel Neon Green

Nails Inc Baker Street and Notting Hill Gate

Spectraflair topcoat

White acrylic paint

The gradient of neons was just done quickly with a makeup sponge – two coats plus Spectraflair over the top. 

The bubble technique I learnt from a Jasmine Oshima video. You water down the paint a lot — to a milky consistency — then put dots onto the nail. Leave for up to 30 seconds (shorter for more transparent bubbles, longer for more opaque ones) and then use the tip of a brush to soak up the wet paint, just leaving the bubble ring. 

I did start off planning this for just a couple of feature nails but couldn’t help myself! The Spectraflair adds something special in sunlight