This is one of my favourite colour combinations and I own far more grey polish than I could ever use. This Yellow and Grey Nail Art gave me the chance to use some older polishes from a sadly defunct brand.

Yellow and Grey Nail Art right hand

Yellow and Grey Nail Art right hand

Polishes and tools

Cult Nails Faded, Feel Me Up and All Out
MoYou London The Pro 06
Clear polish
Hit the Bottle Black
Dotting tools
Über Mat

I started with my base colour grey, and two coats of Faded, which is a soft mod-grey shade. It was lovely to paint with and I’m sad this brand decided to close.

Next I painted the clear polish in rectangles which the Über Mat has as guides for making decals. I let them dry which didn’t take long.

Using the black stamping polish and the MoYou plate I stamper the floral image on the clear polish. This dried very quickly too.

Yellow and Grey Nail Art left hand

Yellow and Grey Nail Art left hand

I put a few drops of the two yellow polishes next to each decal one at a time. I filled in the flowers with the dotting tools and focused the sparkly yellow at the centre of each blossom.

Once the decals are reasonably dry they peel off the silicon mat easily and are still tacky enough to put face down on your base colour. Trim the excess, add top coat and you’re done!

Yellow and Grey Nail Art

I hope you enjoyed this look. It’s a little more complex than some I’ve posted recently, but if you have the tools and can colour inside of the lines, you’ll be fine!

It’s also a great way to add coloured and intricate detail to a both hands of a design without having to rely on your ambidexerity.

After all this practice, I am nearly ambidextrous. What’s your secret skill? Or one you’d love to have?