The challenge on Nail Art Nation this week is here! I’ve tried this technique just once before, so I decided to keep it simple with some monochrome Drag Marble nail art.

Drag Marble nail art left hand

Drag Marble nail art left hand

Polishes and tools

Your favourite base coat and top coat
Cult Nails Faded
AEngland Camelot
Cirque Carpe Diem
Winstonia Fine line brush
Clear Jelly Stamper The Bling Brush 

After my base coat, I started with one coat of Faded, and let it dry a bit.

I opened the black and white polishes to have them ready. I had to move pretty fast with this one!

I worked one nail at a time, so the polish was still wet and liquid. I painted on two more coats of the Cult Nails polish without letting it dry at all in between. One thick coat would do it.

Next, I added two dots each of the black and white polishes. I had to be really careful to keep the dots fairly small and not flood my nails with polish.

Straight away I used the fine liner brush to drag down through the centre of the dots. I ran the brush through twice each time to transfer some white polish to the top of the design.

Drag Marble nail art right hand

Drag Marble nail art right hand

It takes a bit longer for this design to set, because I am using more polish in one go than I normally would.

When it was reasonably set I added a layer of top coat.

It was definitely worth a macro photo, to have a look at the chain of hearts created by this technique.

Drag Marble nail art macro

Drag Marble nail art macro

Drag Marble nail art

This is an easy design to create as long as you work quickly and don’t flood your nail with polish.

I did these in monochrome shades, but it would also look cute in pinks and reds for a Valentine’s Day design.

Last time I tried this, I used an orange stick instead of a brush for the dragging, and the brush made it a lot easier than I remember.

What do you think? Would you have a go, and what colours would you choose?