After my brief sojourn back to summer with my Miami-themed Sunset Palms design, I’m into the Halloween designs now. This is actually a #maniswapcircle design, reproduced in orange and black for the season. If you’d like some unique Halloween Nail Art, these are perfect. 

Halloween Nail Art right hand

Halloween Nail Art right hand

Polishes and tools 

Color Club Disco’s Not Dead 
In The Name Of Polish Lazy Days & Orange Haze and Too Turnt Got You Sun Burnt
AEngland Camelot
Disposable plastic cup filled with room temperature water
Spray bottle filled with surgical spirit
Cotton Bud

The original design by sugerodriguez had a white base, which I’m generally not a fan of doing. I used Disco’s Not Dead which is a pastel neon orange. I’ve used two coats here, and you could probably get away with one on short nails.

After that I started water spotting with the palest colour first and the black last.

Halloween Nail Art left hand

Halloween Nail Art left hand

I tried not to cover all of the base colour up too much. I think you can still see a spot or two of it in places.

After clean up, I needed two coats of top coat to smooth everything out. The multiple layers of water spotting meants the surface wasn’t naturally flat and smooth. Two coats of Seche Vite sort that out though.

Halloween Nail Art

I think this is a great way to embrace Halloween through the medium of nail art, without going full on creepy or spooky designs. The colours are there and the unusual design is eye-catching…I’ve had so many compliments on them this week!

Once you’ve got the hang of water spotting (which is far easier than marbling IMHO) it’s easy to achieve since you aren’t aiming for a uniform design.

Are you looking forward to Halloween? Planning a crazy costume? Or do you like to keep it simple? Let me know in the comments below.