This seems to have been released by Chanel in between their seasonal collections, so I’m seeing it as something of a transition shade? It’s not long until the Christmas colours come out, so to tide you over, here’s your swatch of Chanel Gris Obscur 538.

Chanel Gris Obscur 538 left hand

Chanel Gris Obscur 538 left hand

This polish has a satin finish, but I’ve added top coat like I always do.

This is two coats. Given the previous Obscur shade was a jelly, I was quite disappointed that this wasn’t too. Chanel have done some lovely jellies recently in red, green, and purple.

The more I think about it, the more I can just imagine the most beautiful and unique charcoal jelly polish. Sigh.

In the bottle, this has a beautiful silver shimmer running through it. Although there is the slightest metallic finish, this is essentially a charcoal-black creme polish.

Chanel Gris Obscur 538 right hand

Chanel Gris Obscur 538 right hand

Chanel Gris Obscur

Overall, I’m a bit disappointed with this one. Given their recent forays into non-traditional (for a mainstream high-end brand) finishes in polishes, I was expecting better.

If you want a very nice, nearly black creme polish that covers in two coats (one if you have short nails), then this is a good choice. It looks pretty chic for an autumn/winter nail.

I think I just have higher expectations given the last offerings from Chanel!

What’s your favourite shade for nails at this time of year?

Chanel Holiday 2016 Le Vernis

The Christmas shades are coming very soon! I’ve been checking out the promotional information online.

Heading down the non-standard Christmas offerings, Chanel will be bringing us pinks and a silver for nails.

No reds! Yay! I find it a bit hard to be excited about another red polish for the holiday season. Bring it on! I am hoping to have swatches of them for you very soon.