Welcome to the last of my three swatches from the Spring 2018 Neapolis collection. From Chanel Nuvola Rosa is a soft pink, and it definitely reminds me of strawberry gelato from Italy!

Although there is a fourth shade in this collection, it’s an orange leaning red which I couldn’t bring myself to buy. I have plenty of Chanel reds already! Check out Chanel Gitane – it’s not quite as orange-toned as Arancio Vibrante but it’s a good substitute.

Bottle shot and swatch of Chanel Nuvola Rosa by Keely's Nails

A sweet pink that performs brilliantly – see how Chanel Nuvola Rosa compares to other Chanel pinks…

Even if I hadn’t swatched this collection close together, I would have known they were sisters just from the formula. Highly pigmented, with a soft but vibrant colour.

Like pastels, but without the hassle of a chalky finish.

Formula: Creme, no shimmer

Coats: Two for full opacity

Brush: Standard, fairly soft and slightly rounded

Swatch of Nuvola Rosa

I used my standard base coat combination of Jessica Fusion and Orly Bonder as I have with my previous swatches of Verde Pastello and Giallo Napoli.

Macro photo of Chanel Nuvola Rosa swatch

This shade reminds me of strawberry gelato – is it making anyone else crave ice cream?

The amount of pigment in this polish does make it a bit thicker and therefore trickier to work with. But the compensation in terms of colour payoff is worth it. I used top coat – Seche Vite – to add a glossy finish. It’s needed, because the pigment levels make it closer to a satin finish naturally.

Chanel Verde Pastello swatch Neapolis Spring 2018

Similar Chanel nail polish colours

I thought I’d show you some similar shades from my stash to compare to Chanel Nuvola Rosa. I’m not really that into pale pinks, so these tend to be from the older collections. You can probably see why I generally don’t go for these shades – I don’t think they suit me at all!!

Swatch of Chanel Frisson 543 by Keely's Nails

I looks better irl – I promise! Instant French manicure slash nail brightener

I’ve got to say, this looks way better in person! Frisson is a sheer pale pink and has gold microglitter too. I get a French tip effect with it, it’s really pretty. I used three coats and topcoat here.

Chanel Frisson is from the Spring 2012 collection.

Chanel Biarritz 212 swatch by Keely's Nails

Similar in saturation but very much an orange tone dominates Chanel Biarritz

When pink goes bad! Orange-toned pinks look horrendous against my neutral/cool toned skin, so don’t hold it against Biarritz. I’m sure this looks fabulous on someone with a tan though!

I used two coats and top coat for this swatch. It has a strong gold shimmer, but has blue shimmer in the bottle too – very unusual. Chanel released this back in Summer 2006.

Chanel Pink Rubber 542 swatch

Chanel Pink Rubber 542 swatch

Something a bit more recent! Pink Rubber was from the Christmas 2016 collection and is a shell pink with a rubberised finish. If you prefer a glossy look, you could add top coat though.

This is definitely one of the better pale pink shades for me, though I prefer Nuvola Rosa.

Chanel Organdy 165 swatch by Keely's Nails

Candy bubblegum pink makes this wayback shade from Chanel much desired. Organdy is so pretty for summer!

Another throwback, but not to be confused with the more recent release Organdi. This is 165 Organdy which is a candy pink colour. 504 Organdi is a paler, brown toned pink. Very similar names, but very different pinks.

165 Organdy was my go-to summer pedicure shade back in the day. I think it was originally released in 2008 and has long been discontinued. This is two coats and top coat. It does still pop up on EBay if you love this bubblegum pink. Much brighter and more saturated than Chanel Nuvola Rosa.

Chanel Giallo Napoli swatch Neapolis Spring 2018

Chanel Nuvola Rosa

For a pink, I’m shocked how much I like this colour. It’s so work-appropriate (which really isn’t me) and doesn’t hate my skin tone. Would you believe it?! I’ve got to recommend it to you.

Swatch of Chanel Nuvola Rosa by Keely's Nails

Nuvola Rosa is a soft, sweet pink, that’s pigmented and opaque in two coats – what more could you want?

I purchased mine from John Lewis, but it’s out of stock there. Several other places I checked are also out – it’s proving popular! At the time of publication, Harvey Nichols and Boots had it in stock online.

Pin it! Swatch of Chanel Nuvola Rosa by Keely's Nails on Pinterest

Pin it! Swatch of Chanel Nuvola Rosa by Keely’s Nails on Pinterest

Do you like this colour? Do you prefer the work-appropriate shades or want to be a bit more challenging? Has a colour surprised you with how much it suits you? I want to hear in the comments…